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ACCElerated learning via tech (ALt) & Data For Decisions (DFD)


ALT delivers targeted instruction to secondary school students and is an inclusive, open-source web application and a digital public good with capabilities to deliver a blended version of our programmes. It leverages learning and assessment data for learning engineering. In addition to students, it serves teachers, Head Teachers and education administrators at the state level, offering them actionable information and dashboards using machine learning and behavioural nudges to engender positive learning behaviours to bridge learning gaps. 

This is offered as a web app for schools or can be scaled state-wide using the government of India's open-source education infrastructure and capabilities. ALT is designed for  low resource and low digital access environments.

ALT uses the Data For Decisions (DFD) technology to support data collection, management and analysis to provide  actionable insights on programme implementation quality and progress to stakeholders. This enables evidence-based decision-making for significant improvement in delivery and impact education programmes at scale.


DFD uses the power of both advanced statistical analysis  and predictive analytics using Machine Learning based data algorithms  and provides targeted interventions to ensure retention in learning and transition into higher education. DFD also applies Learning Engineering to understand the science of learning and support learners by addressing the difficulties and challenges they face during the learning journey

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