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Back To school


COVID-19 linked school closures are gaps in grade-level competencies and skills that cause students to struggle and eventually dropout, leading to an abrupt stop in the learning process and debilitating lifelong earning capacity. The COVID-19 pandemic has only widened these breaches in learning.


Back To School (BTS) identifies out-of-school students and those at risk of dropping out, followed by an intensive learning intervention and retention activities, in collaboration with the school, parents, and community at large. It works with students for a continued period, during the crucial transition phase from elementary to secondary, as it is the stage where rate of dropout is historically known to increase.


The programme is aimed at students from grades 7-9 to  increase their retention and support their re-entry into mainstream education through our targeted instruction, the Transform Learning programme.


These students are identified from our partner schools using our in-house VIRAM tool which looks at socio-economic factors at the student, school and community level to identify those at risk of drop out or have dropped out. 


One of the strengths of BTS lies in its grassroots-level engagement and accessibility, even during school closures. It is implemented through community spaces and schools, ensuring that it reaches vulnerable students regardless of their circumstances.



Students at risk of drop out identified


Students with improved learning


Students at risk who are re-enrolled in school or are retained in school




of students were identified at medium/ high risk of dropout

students in Math, 93% in Science and 82%  in English demonstrated learning gains



Students in Telangana and Chhattisgarh

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